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Guide of the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is a land of history, architecture and art, as proved by the massive presence of castles (more than three hundred, each distinguished by a unique and original style), and impressive gothic cathedrals like Chartres, Bourges, Orleans and Tours.

From the administrative point of view, the Loire Valley corresponds to the “central" region, divided into six departments, with Orleans as capital.

The valley is blessed with sweet hills, endless woods and vineyards, and with the calm course of river Loire running through. With a length of 1020 km, it is the longest river of France.
The central part of the region between Main et Loire and Sully sur Loire has been designated a Unesco world heritage in year 2000 .

Thanks to the beauty of the place and to an exceptionally mild climate, Loire became one of the favourite spots of French kings and aristocrats, who built here magnificent castles and sumptuous residences between the XV and XVII century.
The valley still attracts thousands of visitors every year, whether architecture and art lovers or simple tourists in search for a tranquil place.

The Loire Valley is easily accessible from Paris.

What to see into Loire Valley:

Chenonceau castle

Chambord castle

Chaumont castle

Cheverny castle

Villandry castle