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History of the Loire Valley

The valley is spread with buildings of different ages and styles: from the medieval IX century fortresses, built to protect towns and villages from the Viking invasions, to the fortified constructions of the XI century, provided with the characteristic embattled towers, moats and drawbridges.
During the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453) the region of Loire marked the border between the French possessions and the lands occupied by the English, so the area has been long subject to violent fights and battles. Afterwards, when the region was chosen by the French court as permanent residency, some splendid palaces and castles in Renaissance style started to grow, the majority of which is still in perfect conditions and can be visited today.

What to see into Loire Valley:

Chenonceau castle

Chambord castle

Chaumont castle

Cheverny castle

Villandry castle